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claraslullaby said: "I love your URL so much, js :)"

Ah, thank you! I do love your blog! :) Nice titling.

lookupattheskyandthinkofyou said: "you dont want to change your url do you?"

Sorry, mate. Your blog is lovely and definitely deserving, but I’m just taking a hiatus from tumblr rather than quitting out altogether, and I’m fond of my url. Should I change my mind, I’ll let you know. :)

This website maps every recurring joke on Arrested Development 




This is amazing. 

Thanks, internet.

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joydyvision said: "your url, good sir... creys... T.T"

Not to have disappeared off the wibbly-wobbly surface of the Tumblrverse, but thank you for the follow…and for the creys I am now experiencing ALL OVER AGAIN.


the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins i’ve ever seen

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Irina Werning
Back to the Future, 1957-present

love these

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Me and my friends walking in a dark place 




Friend: This is the beginning of a bad season 1 Supernatural episode

“You would be the first one to die”

She’s probably right

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